Providing the best quality care in the comfort of your own home

“PNS helped me grow”

“PNS helped me graduate”

The health and security of your child is important to you. It's what is important to your family.
So it's what is important to PNS

We are a business built by a family for families. We believe that healing is most effective in the home and we go above and beyond to ensure that you feel comfortable having us as guests in your home. 

Why Us?

Professional Nursing Services is a local company in the Baltimore Maryland area. We are proficient in all Maryland health requirements and go above and beyond to deliver the best quality of care. Because PNS was founded by a Registered Nurse, we know that nursing is more than a career- its a passion. We strive to make our company the best environment to be a part of. 

Our values of commitment, continuity, caring and sensitivity are at the core of everything we do from birthday and holiday cards for our clients and nurses to personally picking up paperwork from clients’ homes. 


Why home is a healing place

Home Care vs. Hospital Care

Children do best in a comfortable, familiar environment. Home care allows children to grow both mentally and physically while ensuring parents’ peace of mind. Parents should never have to compromise on the health of their child because of their work schedule or financial situation. PNS allows you to have both.

Parents are at peace of mind in knowing their child is receiving the best care in a place accessible to them. Home health care is more cohesive to the family unit as it is tailored to each child’s needs and each parent’s schedule. Every child receives one on one care from a nurse they see daily instead of a changing shift of multiple nurses.