Enteralite Feeding Pump

The EnteraLite® Infinity® is a rotary peristaltic enteral feeding pump designed to deliver programmed doses of enteral nutrition solutions at selectable rates.

Purpose: To administer the prescribed nutrition to the correct client/nutrition type-formula/ rate/volume/ route- GTT/JTT and frequency of administration- per Physician orders.

Critical Nursing Measures:  To verify Physician Orders for the 6 R’s of administration of the prescribed nutrition- correct – client/type of nutrition-formula, rate, dose-volume, route and frequency of administration.  To verify administration route correct placement- GTT/JTT air rush and gurgle.  To document the type/rate/dose-volume and tolerance of the administration.  To follow Physician Orders with regards to reflux precautions and document.  Per industry norms no more than 4hrs. of nutrition in a feeding bag per administration.

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