Kangaroo Joey Feeding Pump & Kangaroo E-Pump

The Kangaroo Joey Enteral Feed and Flush Pump with Pole Clamp is a simple-to-use, precision enteral feeding pump. It is easily programmed to provide patients with either continuous or intermittent feeding, and can provide automatic flushing capability when used with Kangaroo™ Joey Feed and Flush Sets.

Purpose:  To administer the prescribed nutrition at the correct client/nutrition type-formula/ rate/dose-volume/ route- GTT/JTT and frequency of administration- per Physician orders.

Critical Nursing Measures:  To verify Physician Orders for the 6 R’s of administration of the prescribed nutrition- correct – client/type of nutrition-formula, rate, dose-volume, route and frequency of administration.  To verify administration route correct placement- GTT/JTT air rush and gurgle.  To document the type/rate/dose-volume and tolerance of the administration.  To follow Physician Orders with regards to reflux precautions and documention.  Per industry norms, no more than 4hrs. of nutrition should be placed in a feeding bag per administration.  Change feeding sets as per Manufactures recommendations, usually every 24 hours, and flush with water to clear setup after the administration of each feeding.

Click here to see the operating manual for the Kangaroo Joey feeding pump. 

Click here to see the operating manual for the Kangaroo E-Pump. 

Kangaroo Joey Pump Setup and Administration

Kangaroo Joey Pump Dual Setup and Administration

Kangaroo E-Pump Setup Administration and Troubleshooting:

Loading a Kangaroo Joey Pump into a Backpack