Nebulizer Training

Safe and Proper use of Equipment

Proper use of all equipment is essential to providing safe and quality care for clients.

During the skills evaluation and the orientation process all equipment functioning is reviewed.


There are two types of nebulizers: atomizer jet and ultrasonic. The atomizer, or "compressor nebulizer," is the most common. This type uses an aerosol compressor to vaporize droplets of medicine. Ultrasonic, or "mesh nebulizers," use high-frequency sound waves to make liquid medicine breathable.

Purpose:  To provide the necessary administration of aerosol medications per Physician Orders.

Critical Nursing Measures:  To verify Physician Orders utilizing the 6 R’s- correct medication, route, patient, dosage, frequency, and documentation. To administer the prescribed medication, to evaluate the need for prn neb treatments, and evaluate the effectiveness of the treatments provided by assessing breath sounds before and after each treatment.  To assess that the nebulizer is functioning properly by creating a mist that is inhaled by the client during normal breathing patterns. Tapping the nebulizer cup during administration and keeping the cup upright helps prevent clogs and leakage of medication.

Click here to view the operating manual for the Scian Nebulizer

How to use a Nebulizer Machine