Suction Machine

Safe and proper use of equipment

Proper use of all equipment is essential to providing safe and quality care for clients.

During the skills evaluation, and the orientation process all equipment functioning is reviewed and covered.

Suction Machines

Three types of suction machines are available to homecare clients.

  1. Stationary Suction Machine
  2. Portable Suction Machine
  3. Portable/Stationary

Purpose: To provide the desired level of suction to remove secretions from the oral, nasal or tracheal sites.

Critical Nursing Measures:  Make sure the suction machine is operating properly by:  turning the machine on, covering the suction tubing opening, check the level of suction provided as indicated on the manometer, and adjusting the pressure to the appropriate level depending on the patient’s age. Suction canister should be emptied every shift, or more frequently if required. Secretions should be emptied into the toilet, and the canister should be rinsed/washed, and replaced. Check to see if the battery is charged.  The battery generally lasts 45 minutes, and takes 8 hours to charge. Check the battery charge indicators - the top light is the battery light and turns red when in need of charging, the middle light indicates charging - the yellow and 3rd light indicates if the device is plugged into a power source (green).

Document the above level prior to use in the nursing note.

Click here to view the operating manual for Devilbiss Portable Suction Machine

DeVilbiss Suction Machine Set Up